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WordPress Integration

WordPress Integration

Cydebar integrates directly within the WordPress content management system. You can now enjoy all the power and features of Cydebar's predictive content generator within wordpress

Title Creator

Title Creator

The title creator feature is an easy to use tool that allows you to create eye-catching titles. Cydebar will use your keywords to create a title that is absolutely tailored to the content you want to produce.

Unique Content

Unique Content

Cydebar uses cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms to create unique and completely plagiarism free content from scratch, all content is 100% original without compromising on readability

Content outline Creator

Content outline Creator

The content generator is a powerful tool that allows you to breakdown your content into sections and sub-headings. It uses your keywords to generate an outline to make your content easier to read.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Cydebar helps you improve your websites SEO by improving readability, writing engaging content and create powerful and highly attractive headlines and meta descriptions for search engines.

Blog Idea Generation

Blog Idea Generation

The blog idea generator is a simple tool that will allow you to brainstorm a new blog topic. You input the keywords you want to target and Cydebar will use your keywords to generate ideas for a new blog post.

Pricing Plans

Start your free trial. No credit card required.

Free Trial
Starter Plan
Starter Plan

10,000 Tokens

$5.99 / mo
  • 10,000 Tokens
  • WordPress Intergration
  • Approx $0.60 Per 1k Words
  • Additional 1k tokens @ $1.00
Free Trial
Premium Plan
Premium Plan

40,000 Tokens

$14.99 / mo
  • 40,000 Tokens
  • WordPress Intergration
  • Approx $0.37 Per 1k Words
  • Additional 1k tokens @ $0.85
Saver Plan
Saver Plan

100,000 Tokens

$29.99 / mo
  • 100,000 Tokens
  • WordPress Intergration
  • Approx $0.29 Per 1k Words
  • Additional 1k tokens @ $0.60

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cydebar?

Cydebar is a robot that specializes in writing blog posts. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create amazing pieces of content. It Integrates with WordPress so you can use it directly on your wordpress website. Cydebar is the product of an extensivly developed AI system that specializes in creating content using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning (ML).

What are the benefits of using Cydebar?

Cydebar is quicker, cheaper, and more consistent than human writers. Because AI writers are faster, this allows for more content to be delivered to the end user. It also allows for a more streamlined content creation process.

Is the content produced original?

Yes, all content produced by Cydebar is original. It is custom made by a NLP system to write specific blog posts. The NLP system works by understand the meaning of the text, and using computer programming to create a unique piece of content.

What happens once I have used up my Monthly Credits?

If you have used up all your credits for the month, don't worry! we have a pay as you go option that gets activated. This option allows you to purchase as many more credits as needed.

How can Cydebar help me?

Cydebar can be integrated into your wordpress website, so you can directly manage your blog posts from the same page! Cydebar will also optimizes your post for SEO (search engine optimization). It uses NLP (natural language processing) to understand the meaning of the text, and the specific topic it is writing about. Cydebar then uses Machine Learning to create unique human-like content.

Who owns the content produced?

The content created by the Cydebar system is a digital asset that belongs to you and can be used in any way you see fit.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel or change your subscription at any time through the settings panel on your Cydebar account.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 14 days money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, just contact us via our contact form or at [email protected].

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